Window Sills

The Stair Wizard has many uses beyond just stair treads - one of them being for the measurment and templating of window sills. Don't waste time and materials at guesswork - just use the Stair Wizard and you'll finish the job the first time.

Stair Treads

It's called the Stair Wizard for a reason! Most of all, the Stair Wizard excells at measuring and templating stair treads. Even if you're doing a fairly simple set of stairs, it can save you wasted materials and hours of time. In more complex stair tread aplications you'll wonder why anyone would do it without the Stair Wizard.

Architectual Applications

Using a reference mark - you can use the Stair Wizard in a multitude of applications where you have ends that are less than squaure. You can save hours of test fits and re-cuts by using the Stair Wizard's unique spreader design.

Benefits of the Stair Wizard

This innovative tool allows tread installations to be done in half the time of traditional methods. Our Stair Wizard™ creates an exact template for each tread (or riser), including length, end angles and depth. It's particularly useful for out of square stairs. Simply scribe the tread blank along the template outline and trim the tread. The Stair Wizard™ accommodates stair treads up to 14" deep and 53" wide. Extensions are available to increase the width capacity by 18" increments.

The Stair Wizard automatically corrects for tread overhang, nosing thickness, and the effect of out-of-square or angled stairs.
It accurately defines the true length and depth of the tread as well as the true shape. The result is a better fitting tread and a faster, easier job.